Get Free Shipping Above Rs. 699/- Across India In September

Coupons & Offers

If you are looking for the latest offers and coupons on CraftGully, you have come to the right page.

While the latest offers would also be communicated across different parts of the website, this page will give all you the latest available offers in one place, so go ahead and make the most of it.

The current offers include:

1. Free shipping for product purchases above Rs. 699/- or a flat shipping fee of Rs. 79/- for orders below that (the product total is what is reflected in the "Sub Total" in the shopping cart. This is applied directly in the cart itself, and does not require any coupon.

2. Get Flat 5% off on all orders over Rs. 5,000/- Applied directly in cart.

3. Get Flat 10% off on all orders over Rs. 10,000/- Applied directly in cart

4. Get Flat 15% off on all orders over Rs. 15,000/- Applied directly in cart

5. Shaker Slices - Flat 43% off. Get them here - ends October 3, 2021

6. Chalk Paints - Flat 20% off. Get them here - ends October 3, 2021

7. Ethnic Enhancers - Flat 20% off. Get them here - ends October 3, 2021

8. Macrame Threads - Flat 10% off. Get them here - ends October 3, 2021

9. But any 2 Shaker Slices and/ or Sequins, and add a bottle of Glitter absolutely FREE - ends October 3, 2021

10. Just created an account on CraftGully? Congratulations, you've taken the right step in satisfying all your creative urges, and to give you that push to get you on your way, check your email for a personalised sign-up coupon code. 

Our offers are likely to change frequently, so we would suggest you keep an eye on this page, and keep checking back often.