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Quilling Tools

Brand: CraftGully Product Code: CG-8183
Our medium sized Quilling sizing board is the perfect tool for creating beautiful quilling designs. It is made of durable plastic and features a grid of evenly spaced holes that allow you to easily create precise shapes and sizes. Just roll a strip of paper and place it in a hole size to make the pe..
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Brand: CraftGully Product Code: CG-8173
With this 2-in-1 paper crimper, you have the option of deciding the type of crimping you want for your project. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold and allows for super easy crimping for long strips too. The 2 in 1 design makes it perfect for both beginners and experienced quillers alike. Cr..
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Brand: CraftGully Product Code: CG-5997
A must have for all crafters! Made of stainless steel, these tweezers are perfect for all kinds of crafts which involve small minute components, especially quilling and punchcraft. The fine point tip makes it easier to handle, glue, position and assemble your project. The bent tip allows for a m..
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Product Code: CG-4066
Create symmetrical, same sized quilling shapes easily and quickly. The Husking Grid Board comes with holes in an equidistant row format and also arranged in a semi circle, allowing you to create flowers and petals with the husking technique with super ease.The board comes with 20 pins that have no h..
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Brand: Creative Genie Product Code: CG-4015
A non-toxic white glue that is perfect for all kinds of craft projects including card making, scrapbooking, children's school projects, kiddie crafts, origami, etcIt dries to a clear gloss finish. It comes in a high quality, easy-to-use nozzle bottle with an airtight twist cap to keep it good for lo..
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The Perfect Glaze - 30ml
-20 %
Brand: Creative Genie Product Code: CG-3344
The Perfect Glaze is just the thing that you need for a complete glossy finish to your projects. Whether it is quilling, card making, scrapbooking, or even a mixed media project, you can use The Perfect Glaze for that final water resistant, protective coat. It is a liquid glaze that is easy to spre..
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CraftGully Quilling Needle Tool
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Brand: CraftGully Product Code: CG-2254
A must have for quilling the CraftGully Quilling Needle Tool allows you to make small centers in rolls and scrolls. The ergonomically designed handle is made of plastic, with a rubber grip which is easy on your finger, and allows better control while quilling. Works great for both beginne..
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CraftGully Quilling Slotted Tool
-24 %
Brand: CraftGully Product Code: CG-2236
A must have for quilling. This tool has a precision cut slot along it's shaft that holds the paper end securely as you turn the tool in your hand to curl the paper, and get the shape that you want. The slot is suitable for papers upto 10mm. The ergonomically designed handle is made of plasti..
₹75.00 ₹99.00
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Product Code: CG-1720
Create perfect borders and shapes for your quilled designs. Contains the square, circle and triangle border buddy with an interchangeable handle. Note: The color/s shown are indicative, and the color of the product you receive may differ...
Ex Tax:₹149.00
Product Code: CG-1703
Make quick and uniform dome shapes for 3D quilling, jewellery etc. 12 dome sizes: Approx 5mm / 8mm / 11mm / 13mm / 16mm / 18mm / 21mm / 23mm / 28mm / 32mm / 37mm / 42mm Color shown is indicative, and color of the 3d mini mold you receive may be different...
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Brand: CraftGully Product Code: CG-345
Ideal for all kinds of crafts, this fine scissor is perfect for jewellery making, quilling and other paper crafts that require minute but precise cutting. The blade is sharp and is not recommended for use by children. Width: 28mm Length: 125mm Colour: Assorted The colors shown is indicati..
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Brand: CraftGully Product Code: CG-344
A must have for all crafters! Made of Stainless Steel, these tweezers are perfect for all kinds of crafts which involve small minute components, especially quilling, jewellery making and punchcraft. The fine point tip makes it easier to handle, glue, position and assemble your project.  ..
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Quilling Coach
-29 %
Brand: CraftGully Product Code: CG-013
Perfect for making quilling miniatures, or for 3Dimensional Quilling, the quilling coach when coupled with a slotted tool, makes it easy to hold and roll large tight circles. Great for kids, since it gives extra support while rolling.Our quilling coach also doubles up as a mini sizing tool for your ..
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Brand: CraftGully Product Code: CG-012
The Quilling Comb can be used for several different quilling techniques. With it, you can create beautiful cascading loops and patterns with quilled paper strips. Some quilling comb patterns use numerical references to tell you how to wrap the paper around the quilling comb. Color of the tool ..
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Brand: CraftGully Product Code: CG-002
The perfect tool for adding a unique touch to your paper crafts. This easy-to-use tool allows you to create beautiful crimped edges on paper, cardstock, and other materials. Us this to create crimped patterns that add texture and dimension to your projects. A must-have for any paper crafter looking ..
Ex Tax:₹80.00
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