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30 Nov Christmas Craft Kits
CraftGully Team 0 25
Christmas, like all other festivals around the world, is a time for family and togetherness. The ones who have the most fun are the children..
29 Nov Colourful Birthday Album
Haria Urvi 0 21
This mini album is perfect for gifting someone on their birthday of any age group. Mini albums are a versatile and compact and make for one ..
11 Nov Upcycled Jar
Naudiyal Niyati 0 118
Hello all,Upcycle those mason jars lying around in your house with this easy-to-follow technique. I used a piece of burlap from CraftGully t..
10 Nov Macrame Choker
Thayalan Sujatha 0 71
Hello there!Let's make something with macrame today! Are you in? I have created a beautiful macrame choker in simple and easy steps! The sam..
09 Nov Baby Scrapbook
Sharma Shraddha 0 51
Hello all,Thinking of creating something very cute for a baby? How's this? A baby scrapbook is always special. And, if you are looking for..
08 Nov Quilling Fringed Flower
Tandel Mrudula 0 60
Less is More! Is that what you are looking for to decorate your space?Go with this simple and cute mini frame from CraftGully and check out ..
05 Nov Quilled Gerbera Flowers
N Nagamani 0 84
As they say, the earth laughs in the form of flowers. A flower, irrespective of its size, shape, and colour never fails to inspires me & ign..
04 Nov Mini Album
Haria Urvi 0 82
Mini albums are always a favourite .. because they are tiny, oh so cute and so easy to carry around with you. This mini album, I am showca..
03 Nov Mini Wall Decor
Naudiyal Niyati 0 89
Hello all,Bringing you a splash of summer with this vibrant mini wall hanging.Made with one of the MDF Frames from CraftGully, that comes in..
02 Nov Quilled Mandala Bookmark
Tandel Mrudula 0 106
Hello all,Let's create a beautiful bookmark for today!But, not just any bookmark - a unique paper quilled mandala bookmark created using 3mm..
01 Nov Quilled Portrait Humming Bird
Sagar Priyanka 0 92
Humming Birds are the most awesome little creatures, so delicate and full of colour.Here is a quilled paper portrait of a Humming Bird by DT..
31 Oct Shagun Envelopes
Haria Urvi 0 80
Ever tried making your own Shagun envelopes? These are the Indian "shagun" envelopes, used mainly during the Indian wedding ceremony to giv..
30 Oct Cherry Blossom Wreath
N Nagamani 0 141
Let's make a cherry blossom wreath today?!Cherry blossoms signify new beginnings. Pink is the colour of universal love of oneself and of oth..
29 Oct Mixed Media Canvas
Pathak Neha 0 84
“How about a canvas wall art with a difference? Let's look at a Mixed Media Canvas project.I took a blank canvas, and started off by pasting..
29 Oct Paper Lettering
Tony Hazel 0 64
Lettering with quilling strips was something I struggled with for a long time in the beginning,And I am sure many of you would have done so ..
25 Oct Quilled Nursery Miniatures
Agarwal Reena 0 100
Do you love creating miniatures?Don't you agree that the cuteness they brings is insane!If you are thinking of a gift for a baby shower, inf..
25 Oct Flip Scrapbook
Ajith Athira 0 87
Hello all,Struggling to get ideas on scrapbook making?Here, I have made a scrapbook with a flip tag inside. I have made the base with thick ..
25 Oct Fairy House Pen Stand
Pathak Neha 0 86
Hello,Have you tried making a fairy home?How about a fairy home and penstand together?I have created a fairy house themed planter/ penstand...
25 Oct Warli Upcycled Jar
Naudiyal Niyati 0 76
Waste is not waste until you waste it!Got random jars lying around the house? Turn them into cute little upcycled storage containers or plan..
23 Oct Twilight Mandala
Tandel Mrudula 0 166
Hey, all you craft lovers! Have you ever thought of using pattern papers in quilling? Did you know, the Scrappy Tales Pattern Papers by Craf..
26 Jan Quilling A Floral Branch
N Nagamani 0 114
Hello everyone,A very happy republic day to you all !! Come, let's quill floral branch - in a palette is inspired by our tri-color flag.This..
20 Jan Floral Mini Album
Haria Urvi 0 111
Hello everyone !!A beautiful album with loads of memories! Doesn't that sound great!?Today I have come up with a super cute floral mini albu..
20 Jan Wedding Bouquet
Agarwal Reena 0 118
Have you tried making a wedding bouquet?Today, let's look at a wedding bouquet made with quilling. Weddings are special occasions.  A weddi..
20 Jan Mixed Media Wall Decor
Pathak Neha 0 120
Hello all,Ever tried an artwork on a beach theme? Today, I have a beach-themed wall decor using some gorgeous Creative Genie chalk paints fr..
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