Have you tried making a fairy home?
How about a fairy home and penstand together?
I have created a fairy house themed planter/ penstand.

How I did it:
I started by coating the whole base with Creative Genie Super Fine Texture Paste.
Then using a toothpick I created a wooden texture on it.

Once dried, I reapplied the Super Fine Texture Paste on the upper part of the stand and created a bush creeper. I also used air drying  clay to create the door and steps. Next, using wooden disposable coffee stirrers, I created a fence.

After it dried off completely, I applied black gesso all over except the door portion, fence, and steps. 
Next, I shaded the tree textured portion with Creative Genie Mocha and Melted Chocolate chalk paints.

I painted the bush creeper with Moss Green Chalk Paint and also applied very little sawdust on it to add texture.

I then painted the door, fence, and steps. I also added a few stones on the sides of the pavement and painted a few random flowers on the bush creeper to enhance the look.

Next, I coated the whole stand with The Perfect Craft Varnish+. And, in the end, I decorated it with a butterfly from wooden element #14 and a random metal embellishment. And we are done!