Hello dear friends,

Let's see how to get create these awesome textured coasters without too many supplies.

Get hassle free texture on the surface with just 1 supply - thats the cotton thread by CraftGully.

Check out this super easy step by step Threaded Decoupage process!

Step 1: Take MDF coaster and paste cotton thread with glue. Follow the shape of coaster base

Step 2: Once the glue dries and thread is fixed on base, apply white Gesso on thread, Let it dry completely. 

Step 3: Once the gesso on thread is dried completely, paste decoupage tissue by CraftGully. Let it dry for a good long time. 

Step 4: Apply generous amount of The Perfect DecoCraft Glue on the tissue. And leave it to dry completely.

Step 5: Take the desired color of Creative Genie chalk paint range which is complimentary for the decoupage tissue design. Paint the other side of coaster, and let it dry.

Step 6: Seal the project with The Perfect Varnish + . While applying final coat of Varnish, add some glitter dust to project for enhanced texture! 

Step 7: Your textured coaster is ready to use.. this can also be used as fridge magnet with addition of magnet at back..!!

Materials used in this project: